Continuous deployment – automation is key

During the last couple of months I had many discussions on DevOps and especially continuous deployment. These discussions were not only about technology – they were also about a cultural change:

Delivering a service instead of shipping software requires a cultural change in how development teams and operation teams interact – there has to be a joint accountability to deliver the SLA as one team. A central part of continuous delivery is automation, from the check-in of new code to build, test and deploy – automation is the key to continuously deliver a service. Gone are the days of the waterfall process where the developer hands the code to the test department to hand it to the ops guys. It is one team that is responsible to develop, test and operate the service.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to blog concrete guidance on how to build an automated deployment pipeline using Azure Web Sites. Here’s a rough outline of the topics to come:

Stay tuned …